Land Rover accidentally designs SAAB

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The new SAAB SUV, yesterday

There was embarrassment at Land Rover today as a teaser for the forthcoming Discovery concept revealed that the company has accidentally designed a SAAB.

‘I think I can see how this has happened,’ admitted one Land Rover insider. ‘We wanted the next generation Discovery to have an architectural feel so we got the design team to read a load of architecture magazines. Next thing you know, they’re all wearing black roll necks and extremely slim framed spectacles. It’s only natural they would start thinking about SAABs, especially as one of them also went to the dentist.’

Others within the company’s Gaydon headquarters were less willing to accept that Land Rover had accidentally made a vital new model too SAABy. ‘Don’t be ridiculous, it’s nothing like a SAAB,’ insisted one high ranking design manager. ‘I mean, would a SAAB have a sharply raked C-pillar and aircraft inspired… OH GOD, WHAT HAVE WE DONE?’

However, Land Rover Design Director & Head Of All Design Ever, Geraldine McGovern, was unrepentant. ‘Premiumness, emotionalosity, erm… all-terrainasiousness,’ he said. ‘I invented car design,’ he added.