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Crazy Dave in China 2014

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha on Bee to tha Bee to tha ciddy ciddy Cee wit’ a tight package. Of highlights. Yea.

So las’ weekend we slide on over Shanghai side fo’ tha Chinese Giddy Pizzle and man, in tha three stage in it to win it, there ain’t no cats gonna touch ma pole hoggin’ homie Da Ham. But who this be slammin’ it in tha two slot but ma always smilin’ so solid D Riccy and right behind him be ma WC MC, Sebby V. Man, dem ReBu cats be up the pointy end already. Rapidly increasizzle paceizzle.

Come tha red-red-red-red-red-an-oot, ma Pussycat pokin’ homie Da Ham be drivin’ away like it he’s birthday. Only one gonna touch he is tha famous dad muthafunster NiRo and he be slidin’ back like a bee-atch from tha get go. Tings ain’t so gravy fo’ ma underperformin’ brother Filly M neither cuz that cat be gettin’ into a first corner smackdown with he’s old faster-than-y’all homie Nando. Avoidabizzle contactizzle.

Dems ReBu boys ain’t havin’ no holiday neither cuz D Ricc be all over ma homie Sebby V fo’ another race in a row and Tha V Man, he ain’t lovin’ that shit, no sir. An’ tings we get worse when he’s race homie be layin’ some Smedley shee-it on he and Tha V, he get real mad. Toughizzle luckizzle.

Also be havin’ no fun in tha pollution obscured sun be ma glass throwin’ brother A Sut who be pullin’ out real fast and ma McHomies K Mag and Jenny B cuz they so off tha pace they be competin’ in las’ season. Ron Dennizzle disappointmizzle.

Come tha three step spray an’ chat it be Tha Ham on tha one step, NiRo on tha two and that Fo’rrari muddyfunker Nando on tha three. Solid first result fo’ Marcizzle Mattiaccizzle.

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