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Vettel ‘not playing’ says mum

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Vettel’s bedroom door, yesterday

Sebastian Vettel isn’t coming out to play any more unless the other boys are nicer to him, the world champion’s mum has warned today.

In a letter to the FIA, Mrs Vettel has warned that ‘certain boys’ within F1 have been ‘horrible’ to her son and have engaged in ‘mean behaviour’ such as ‘overtaking him’ and ‘not letting him win’.

In particular, the German driver’s mother insists that he will not bring his toys to Spain in two weeks’ time unless one ‘very mean boy’ stops ‘showing off just because he has the same toy.’

Mrs Vettel concludes her stark missive by suggesting that the only way to get her son to come downstairs and finish his dinner is if the other boys ‘just let Sebby be world champion again’.