Ferrari flagship accidentally called The Vagina

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Ferrari’s The Vagina, yesterday

Just hours after lifting the embargo on first drives of its sensational new flagship, Ferrari has been forced to halt production after suddenly realising that ‘LaFerrari’ is actually Italian slang for ‘the vagina’.

As a result of this embarrassing revelation, publications forced to sign a contract to gain access to the car have hastily amended their reviews to acknowledge the unfortunate name.

Auto Veloci of Italy, for example, concluded that the car is ‘extremely fast and stable but demands great concentration during fast cornering to avoid remembering that it is called The Vagina’.

Technisch Auto of Germany were equally effusive, stating that the new machine ‘redefines all aspects of performance and handling but requires great skill on the part of the driver, specifically at parties when required to explain that it is called The Vagina’.

Meanwhile, Straightaway & Curves of the United States inevitably drew comparisons with the Ferrari’s obvious rivals: ‘The Ferrari certainly seems to have the chops to stick it to Porsche and McLaren. The only place they can unquestionably beat it is with names since their cars are called 918 and P1 and not The Vagina’.

‘For sure, this is not ideal,’ said Ferrari’s spokesman for The Vagina. ‘Although of course with our embargoes, our threats of fines and our general belief that we’re somehow more important than any other car company, we also are behaving like, how you say, the vagina.’