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Whitmarsh and Domenicali announce new book

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How the new book might look, yesterday

Just weeks after leaving the Ferrari F1 team, Stefano Domenicali is to join forces with Martin Whitmarsh to author a brand new employment self-help book entitled Being Resigned.

Being Resigned promises to cover all aspects of having a really good job and then unexpectedly deciding to “resign”, including ways to pretend this was completely your idea and tips on maintaining your dignity while being escorted from the building carrying a tatty cardboard box with all your stuff in it.

‘Martin has been working on this book ever since he became “stepped down” from his job at McLaren,’ said a source at the company behind the book, P45 publishing. ‘When Stefano suddenly found that he would also be “deciding to spend more time with his family” it was only natural to get him on board to give an international perspective on “having your security pass deactivated and, no, really, being totally fine with that because, actually, that’s what you wanted”’.

Being Resigned will be in bookshops towards the end of the year and will go head-to-head in the sales charts with Ross Brawn’s forthcoming work, Oh Well, More Time For Fishing.