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Spain pays tribute to Alonso eyebrow

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The Alonso eyebrow sculpture, yesterday

In the run up to this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, the Circuit de Catalunya has paid tribute to the country’s most successful racing driver by unveiling a sculpture of Fernando Alonso’s eyebrow.

The sculpture sits at the entrance to the track and is designed to be visible from miles around, being approximately three metres wide, one metre deep and nine metres thick, or pretty much the exact same dimensions as Alonso’s actual eyebrow.

As revealed today, the eyebrow is a single piece featuring two bushy main brows connected by a slightly thinner but luxuriant central area. However, the central area is designed to be completely removed, unexpectedly giving two distinct eyebrows just before a race weekend.

The Alonso eyebrow is the first major sculptural work dedicated to an F1 driver since 1998 when Montreal paid tribute to Jacques Villeneuve by erecting a massive cock.