New designer’s first priority is to dump on the work of his predecessor

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JLMaintenentJust weeks after taking the design director job at Hang Wang, China’s seventh largest car maker, renowned car designer Carl Rohlnek has announced that his number one priority is to dump on the work of his predecessor.

‘Hang Wang is a proud company but our design needs to be bolder, more refined and more confident,’ said Rohlnek in a series of interviews with car journalists. ‘By which I mean to imply that the work of the man I replaced wasn’t good enough. And that’s my main focus right now. Sure, I need to outline our design language for the future, but only after I’ve undertaken many, many interviews in which I completely crap on everything this studio did before I arrived.’

Rohlnek has hinted that Hang Wang will produce a concept car to showcase their new design direction but not in the immediate future. ‘Sure, at some point I will stop saying that our design was not strong enough in the past, thereby suggesting that my predecessor was useless, but this is a long process,’ he admitted. ‘What I can promise is that when you see a concept version of my vision for this company, I will have spent so long trashing my forebear that you will disappointed to note that it looks pretty similar to what he was doing and you will wonder why the fuck I didn’t spend more time designing things and less time suggesting the old guy was shit.’