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9 things you didn’t know about Valtteri Bottas


Valtteri Bottas has impressed with his pace for Williams as much as Felipe Massa has disappointed, again. But what do we know about this 24 year old hotshot from Finland? Here are nine things you might not know about Bottas (because they are made up).

Bottas, yesterday

Valtteri owns Finland’s largest collection of small porcelain owls. He has two.

In Finland, Valtteri has a reputation for being emotional and flamboyant after once describing a mug of hot chocolate as ‘pretty nice’.

Valtteri loves ice cream. ‘I quite like ice cream,’ he quips.

In a recent interview, Valtteri attributed his pace to ‘gently loosen the top valve and slowly allow the trapped air to escape’. He later admitted he had misunderstood the question.

Valtteri has a secret love of hats. ‘I own over four kinds!’ he quips.

In Finnish, Valtteri’s name literally translates as ‘meat processing residue’.

Valtteri is famed for being able to impersonate three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart. ‘Hello, I’m three-time world champion Sir Jackie Stewart!’ he quips.

As a teenager, Valtteri took a break from karting to record an album of music inspired by Angela Lansbury.

Valtteri sometimes makes a wet grunting noise for no reason.