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Maldonado ‘has plant pot on foot’

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Maldonado, yesterday

There was more bad news for Pastor Maldonado today as the Venezuelan talent vacuum arrived in Monaco with a plant pot stuck to his foot.

‘We’re not quite sure how this has happened,’ sighed one Lotus engineer. ‘Apparently he popped out to buy some milk last weekend, one thing led to another, he got attacked by a swan, banged his head on a priest and fell through the front of an ornamental rabbit hutch. Again. Where the plant pot comes into this, we’ve no idea. But it’s there now, and it won’t come off.’

In the past, Maldonado has got a crayon stuck up his nose, a paper plate glued to his face and a squirrel trapped inside his overalls but none had any effect on his driving, at least not that anyone could discern. However, having a large plant pot jammed over his right foot could be a different matter.

‘We’re not worried,’ countered a Lotus source. ‘If anything, it seems to have made him a bit smoother.’