Wanxiang takes firm grip of Fisker

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WanxiangLogoEarlier this year Fisker was bought by a Chinese company called Wanxiang. Now Wanxiang has outlined its plans for the ailing electric car maker.

‘We were delighted to have pulled off this deal,’ said Wanxiang spokesman Han Xandi. ‘But of course, having got our hand around things, we needed to get a firm grip on our business plan and this is not something that could be tossed off overnight.’

‘We have splashed out here,’ Mr Xandi continued. ‘That is why we need to take some time alone to formulate a strategy instead of knocking one out quickly.’

Wanxiang claims it now has a plan in place for an expanded model line-up, as well as promising support for existing Karma drivers. ‘I can assure you, people who already have a Karma will not be palmed off,’ Xandi insisted. ‘But in future we will offer a whole range, so the Karma is not a solitary pleasure. These models will appeal on an emotional level as our aim is to take people’s heartstrings and give them a good, hard tug.’

However, Mr Xandi admits that Fisker’s balance sheets were not in the best order. ‘There was a lot of mess on the sheets,’ he admitted. ‘But we think in future we can avoid more stickiness.’

‘I am speaking off the wrist,’ Xandi concluded. ‘But we must knuckle down, crack on… why are you laughing?’