Hyundai reveals Midshit concept

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The Midshit concept, yesterday

Hyundai has used this week’s Busan Motor Show to reveal an exciting one-off called the Veloster Midshit, inspired by the panic and frustration of hearing the doorbell ring halfway through taking a dump.

‘This vehicle has a unique bodystyling based upon the frantic pulling up of the trousers whilst worrying that perhaps you haven’t wiped enough,’ said Hyundai’s concept car manager, Noh Long Pou. ‘And a distinctive stance inspired by hurriedly waddling towards the front door whilst trying to do up your belt with inadequately washed hands.’

The Midshit concept is a one-off for the Busan show and will stay that way according to Mr Pou. ‘We will not put this car into production,’ he insisted. ‘We hope this news is almost as disappointing as sucking half a turd back in and then discovering it’s just two Jehovah’s Witnesses on the doorstep.’