New car museum opens

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The National Mark 1 Previa Museum, yesterday

There was good news for fans of obsolete people carriers from the 1990s this week as The National Mark 1 Toyota Previa Museum slid back its doors for the first time.

Located just outside the inskirts of Snottingham, the museum contains over 200 Mark 1 Previas, most of them a sort of maroon colour with grey bumpers that have faded a bit. 

Highlights of the collection include Britain’s only Mark 1 Previa without a scuff on the rear wing and the country’s lowest mileage Mark 1 Previa which has just 294,000 miles on the clock. ‘We also thought we had the world’s only broken-down Mark 1 Previa,’ says museum curator Cristle Knidd. ‘But it seems to be working again now.’

As well as a breathtaking collection of bulbous ’90s people carriers, The National Mark 1 Previa Museum contains a range of Mark 1 Previa-themed features including The Room Of Sticky Velour, the history of the massive windscreen wiper and a psychedelic experience called World Of The Weird Speedometer.

Entry to The National Mark 1 Previa Museum costs £10 but that price includes discount entry to several other museums in the area including The Renault Espace-o-dome, The Mitsubishi Space Wagon Symposium and  Lazlo Jackson’s Nissan Serena Experience.