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Scots to vote on Susie Wolff’s accent

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Susie Wolff pops out for a pint of heavy at her local, the Ermatingen Bierkeller, yesterday

In just a few weeks time Scots will vote in a referendum to decide if Susie Wolff’s accent should remain part of Scotland.

An increasingly vocal body within Scotland has lobbied that Wolff’s accent should no longer be considered Scottish because she has been hanging around with an Austrian man for too long and ‘sounds all weird’.

‘Only a relatively small percentage of her accent remains Scottish, the rest of it comes from elsewhere. ‘ said Jock McClichedname, leader of the She’s No’ Scottish campaign. ‘I mean, she sounds like she’s in a war film playing the bad German spy trying to go undercover in Arbroath.’

Conversely, there are many north of the border who believe the Williams development driver is an asset to Scotland and that her accent should continue to be considered Scottish, even if she appears on television starting a sentence with ‘Ja, for sure’.

‘Just because she sounds like she’s randomly picking up accent interference from shortwave radio doesn’t mean she’s not Scottish,’ insists Jimmy McObviousname, spokesman for the Keep The Wee Driving Lassie Scottish campaign. ‘I myself would be honoured to invite her back to Scotland to share eine kleine dram with me.’

Wolff herself appears unfazed by the imminent vote in her homeland. ‘Och aye ze noo,’ she said this week. ‘I dinnae see vot all ze fuss ist aboot.’