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9 amazing things about Daniil Kyvat

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Daniil Kvyat, yesterday

Some incredible facts you might not know about the rookie from Russia

Daniil is the youngest driver on the F1 grid. He is 12.

Torro Rosso gave Daniil his 2014 drive after winning a drawing competition. ‘I drew a owl!’ he quips.

Daniil has never eaten soup. ‘Is food that also liquid? No thanking you!’ he quips.

Until he left Russia, Daniil had never seen a table. ‘I had only heard about them on radioboxmachine!’ he quips.

Daniil speaks four languages. Russian, English, more Russian and a language of his own invention which he uses to talk to his jackdaw. ‘Bizbee bizbee gnnnnerrrr!’ he quips.

Wherever he goes, Daniil takes pictures of revolving doors. ‘Is unbelievableness!’ he quips.

Back home, Daniil’s favourite subjects at school are squirrel capture, squirrel cookery and horse repair. ‘I no like beard husbandry!’ he quips.

Daniil’s favourite type of food is cheese. ‘It contain nutrients!’ he quips.

F1 commentators seem undecided as to the correct way to say Daniil Kvyat. The correct pronunciation is actually ‘Alan Wilson’.