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Not everyone pleased for Ricciardo

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Shane-o’s Surf Shack in Wollamaloomalongaboo Beach, yesterday

The whole world seemed to be delighted for Daniel Ricciardo following his maiden victory in last weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. However, it has emerged that this joy is not shared by Shane Wilson of Wollamaloomalongaboo Beach, near Perth, who had to get someone else to fill Ricciardo’s shift at Shane-o’s Surf Shack on Sunday.

‘Dan-o really let me down here,’ Wilson grumbled today. ‘He knew he was supposed to be working last weekend and then he calls me on Saturday night and he’s all like, “Oh, I’m so sorry Shane-o, I’ve got to race in the Canadian Grand Prix and Christian won’t let me out of it”. Yea, right, whatever. I ‘spose he thinks that delivery of thongs and swimmers is going to unpack itself.’

Wilson says Ricciardo’s missed shift at the Surf Shack is made worse because the young driver often asks for extra work, even when business is quiet during the winter. ‘He’s always like, “Oh Shane-o, put us on the rota mate, I need the cash to buy a new crash helmet and a yacht and a private jet”,’ Wilson explains. ‘Yea, well from now on, he’ll work the shifts I give him. And he’s only allowed four beers from the cooler while he’s working. Alright, that’s a bit harsh. But no more than eight.’

Wilson confirms that Ricciardo has already promised to make up for his missed shift on Sunday by working the whole of next weekend. ‘He swears he’ll be here and he’s like, “I won’t let you down Shane-o, honest. I’ll just work on my set-up for the Austrian GP in my lunch break”,’ Wilson says. ‘You know, he’s a good kid really. Maybe I’m being unfair. I mean, he only missed a shift. It’s not something really terrible like cancelling a barbecue.’