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Le Mans 2014 – the big three

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LM14AudiPower: 4-litre V6 plus electric motor
Fuel: Diesel and electricity
Drive: 4WD
– The team’s strategy is to avoid leading for as long as possible because the R18 is an Audi and therefore works best when right up the arse of another car.
– Audi has already scored an endurance victory with the name of their car which seems to go on for a very, very long time.
– Audi’s number 1 car was destroyed in a huge crash during practise on Thursday. Driver Loic Duval escaped almost unscathed and hopes the team will be able to repair ‘Loic’s super awesome mixtape’ which he was listening to at the time.


LM14PorschePower: 2-litre turbo V4 plus electric motor
Fuel: Petrol and electricalness
Drive: 4WD
– The 919 project has gone hugely over budget after the drivers specced their Porsches with optional extras including centre lock wheels, red seatbelts and a contrast rev counter.
– The 919’s controls have been modified to suit star-signing Mark Webber who likes to drive in flip-flops.
– As is Porsche tradition, the team will slowly introduce more 919 variants during the race, starting with a 919 cabriolet and moving on to a 919 Turbo S and a 919 GTS which car journalists will probably agree is the one to have.


LM14ToyotaPower: 3.7-litre V8 plus 2x electric motors
Fuel: Petrol and electricalosity
Drive: 4WD
– Based on results so far, the TS040 appears to have the best pace as well as the best shutlines and the most comprehensive warranty. Toyota also performs the best pits stops according to the 2013 JD Power survey for customer satisfaction.
– To save fuel, Toyota has adopted thinking from a 2005 Avensis minicab. As such, the TS040 attempts to get into top gear almost as soon as it drives off and appears to have very little idea of where the Mulsanne straight leads.
– Contrary to popular belief, the car’s code name does not contain reference to Toyota itself. ‘The T stands for teste,’ confirmed a team source. ‘It’s a really long story.’