Tesla announces aftershave

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The new scent, yesterday

Electric car maker Tesla has announced plans for a new eco-friendly aftershave to be called Elon Musk.

The new scent will sold exclusively through Tesla retail outlets and is said to smell of ‘self-confidence and madness’.

‘It really is a unique fragrance,’ said a Tesla spokesperson. ‘Just a small dab on the wrists can really make the wearer’s ambitions seem more enormous and his reaction to criticism much more fragile.’

In tests, subjects who wore Elon Musk were said by women to appear up to ‘34 percent more creepy’ and to enjoy a ’47 percent increase’ in the amount they appeared to be on the verge of a massive episode which was ill-concealed by their eerily calm and slightly unsettling manner.

Elon Musk will go on sale around the same time as the boss of Tesla leans forward into a small microphone and quietly mutters, ‘kill them all.’

UPDATE: Tesla has just announced that it will give away the ingredients of its new aftershave to other toiletries manufacturers.