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Police investigate how idiot got on track

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Some police, yesterday
Some police, yesterday

Police are investigating how a completely unqualified man in a totally unsuitable car was able to endanger lives by driving onto a track during a high speed motorsport event.

The man, identified by officers as Pastor Maldonado of Maracay, Venezuela, was seen on the track during the Australian, Malaysian, Bahraini, Chinese, Spanish, Monaco and Canadian Grand Prix.

‘This young man was driving a vehicle that clearly could not match the speed of the top flight racing cars on the track at the time,’ said police spokesman Ken Eveninall of the police. ‘Furthermore, the man himself was completely unqualified to drive on a motor racing track and his erratic behaviour posed a great danger to those professional drivers who were on the circuit at the time.’

Race organisers say they have held a separate investigation into how this potentially lethal incident was allowed to happen and say they are ‘satisfied’ with the amount of cash they have discovered.