Forum meet-up less interesting than expected

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The internet, yesterday
The internet, yesterday

There was disappointment today as a car forum meet-up turned out to be much less interesting than the forum itself.

‘I was really looking forward to the meet,’ admitted forum member Stenn Preebs, better known as RSwarrior25. ‘But for some reason, the amazing banter that’s always on the forum didn’t really happen in a pub just outside Bicester.’

‘I don’t know what went wrong,’ stammered regular forum contributor Kip Gresting, known to other members as AMGThunderKing. ‘I thought things might liven up when Sparky325i arrived. You know Sparky. Total ledge. The guy who always replies “So SHE said!” He’s the Bantermeister. The madman in chief. The forum loon. He started the infamous cheese-on-toast thread,’ Gresting noted. ‘But he was actually a pretty quiet guy.’

‘It’s weird. All the people who are interesting and crazy and argumentative on the forum were there. BeerBucket, ShaggerManMR2, ThrustLaserBeemerBoy, that bloke whose user name is just his real name without a space in it. I thought it was going to be epic,’ mumbled forumite Trent Gnur, also known as ChainsawGTI. ‘But in real life it’s almost as if they were just a bunch of socially awkward single men or something.’