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Crazy Dave reports from Austria 2014

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafukas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha on tha grizzle walkizzle even though it ain’t goin’ out livizzle.

So, las’ weekend we slide on over Austriaside fo’ tha Austrian G diddy P at tha ReBuRi. Las’ time Crazy D was here, he be in tha car. Yea, they used to let that shizzle happen.

So on tha Saturday all tha homies be expecting it be all tha same again. ‘Nother whitizzle washizzle from dem cats at the MC Edes, ‘nother adequizzle performizzle from Fo’rrari, ‘nother terribizzle disappointizzle fo’ MC Laren. But that shit ain’t gonna go down cuz who this be slammin’ it on tha two slot but ma Martini stripe Finland muthafunker Val Botty B. And who on tha ones? That be some homie so surprisin’ Crazy D almost shizzle he tighty jeans cuz it ma panda faced ain’t-got-game muthafunker, Filly M. Nuff respec’ fo’ tha Will.i.ams. It be the shizzle that people wanna seeizzle.

So come tha five an’ goodbye, dem homies be on fire, and I don’ mean like Da Ham’s brakes. No, those brothers be holdin’ off tha MCs big Willy style. ‘Cept, that is, ‘til tha first round of pit stops, then Da Ham and NiRo, they jus’ cruise by. Questionabizzle strategizzle.

Tings ain’t so gravy fo’ ma pointy finger homebrother Sebby V cuz that cat be sufferin’ a loss of drive befo’ he barely started. That brother, he be starin’ at tha bluizzle scrizzle of deathizzle. But then what dis, tha car start workin’ again. But it ain’t no use, and tha Sebster, he be in da garage fo’ good. Still, least he smiley teamhomie D Riccy be pullin’ a smooth ass move on Tha Hulk just befo’ tha endin’ to slam on tha eight spot. Better than ma homie Jennie B who be laying it on tha 11 again. Closizzle but no cigarizzle, again. Izzle.

Come tha wavy tablecloth it be NiRo on tha ones, Da Ham on tha two and nuff respec’ fo Valtizzle Bottazzle who stick it on tha threes. Impressizzle first podiumizzle.

And dat be tha Austrian Griddy Pizzle. Peace out.