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60 seconds with… Adrian Sutil

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60secAdrianSutilWhat was your favourite subject at school?
For sure, hello, I am Adrian.

Yes, we know. If you weren’t a racing driver, what would you do?
For sure, Victorian strong man.

What are you ambitions for the rest of the F1 season?
For sure, I would like to launch my own range of underwear.

What would you say are your priorities in life?
For sure, comfort, style, absorption.

Do you think you have settled in?
For sure. it always takes time for the elastic of the waistband to give a little and the same is true of the leg access apertures, but I approach every pair with a positive outlook and high expectations of comfortableness in all conditions.

No, have you settled into Sauber?
For sure, it has always been my dream for people to wear my underwear. One day I will make this a possibility. Not my personal underwear. It will be replica underwear.

Please concentrate on the questions. Do you get on with Esteban Gutierrez?
For sure, the underwear will have my name on it. And also my face.

Once more, do you get on with Esteban Gutierrez?
For sure, it will be called SutilPants.

Stop talking about underwear. ARGH! MY NECK!


Due to an error, this interview was conducted with the wrong Adrian Sutil