Ford Focus gets STD

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The Focus STD, yesterday
The Focus STD, yesterday

There was good news for diesel fans today as Ford announced the new generation of Focus ST including, for the first time, an STD version.

‘We’ve wanted an STD for a long time,’ said a Ford spokesman. ‘Now at last we are able to scratch that itch.’

‘The 185PS diesel engine is what led to the STD,’ the spokesman continued. ‘We’re very proud of the subtlety with which it dispenses its performance. It really is a build up of discharge.’

Ford acknowledges that many driving enthusiasts will still prefer the petrol version, but the company believes that attitudes are slowly changing. ‘In this day and age, people shouldn’t be embarrassed to say they have an STD,’ their representative insisted. ‘Although if they try to keep it a secret, their partner will soon notice.’

According to Ford, there is another benefit to getting an STD. ‘Demand for performance diesels on the second hand market is rising,’ their spokesman claimed. ‘That means the STD should be easy to pass on to someone else. Why are you giggling?’