Glastonbury car park sticker fiasco

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A Glastonbury car park sticker, yesterday
A Glastonbury car park sticker, yesterday

Glastonbury organisers apologised today after discovering that car park passes from last weekend’s festival will be impossible to remove from windscreens for at least six months.

‘This is highly embarrassing,’ admitted a festival spokesman. ‘We are aware that of course all festival goers want to remove the Glastonbury parking pass from their windscreens as soon as they get home and we’re deeply sorry this won’t be possible.’

‘Unfortunately, our supplier used the wrong sort of glue,’ the spokesman continued. ‘This means that sadly the sticker will remain stuck to the glass just behind the rear view mirror for at least six months, slowly fading and erroneously making the owner look as if they want to smugly tell everyone they drove their Peugeot 106 to Glastonbury.’

‘Once again, we can only apologise for any inconvenience,’ the Glasto representative concluded. ‘It was never our intention to make anyone who put a Glastonbury parking pass in their windscreen look like the kind of bore who never fucking shuts up about Glastonbury.’