Jaguar announces Project 8

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How the Project 8 might look, yesterday
How the Project 8 might look, yesterday

After the success of the limited edition Project 7 roadster, Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations division has announced that its follow up will be an exciting long wheelbase, long roof version of the F-type.

To be called Project 8, the new car will have room for two up front plus another body in the back and will be available exclusively in black.

‘This will be a sensationally solemn car,’ said a Jaguar spokesman. ‘It will use the 550 horsepower supercharged V8 from the F-type R, have a limited top speed of 5mph, and be very sorry for your loss.’

The SVO designers say the rear compartment of the Project 8 will mark the return of traditional Jaguar woodwork with a large teak deck giving plenty of room for a large box, along with other items such as flowers that say MUM.

Journalists treated to an exclusive first drive in the Project 8 prototype report that the handling is lifeless, the ride is stiff and the steering is dead.