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Grosjean’s head ‘getting narrower’

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Romain Grosjean in the future, yesterday

There was concern at Lotus today with news that Romain Grosjean’s head seems to be getting narrower.

‘It’s all a bit weird. I mean, he’s always had quite a narrow head, but now it’s definitely getting narrower,’ said one team insider. ‘At the start of the season he was sort of normal. Now he looks like Dean Gaffney. If this carries on, our computer models predict that by time we get to Singapore he could be mistaken for Nicholas Lyndhurst.’

‘We’re not sure why his head is getting narrower or if the narrowing affects his driving,’ our mole continued. ‘But on the plus side, it does make him more aerodynamic.’

There is no medical explanation for why Grosjean’s head might be getting narrower. However, one F1 doctor suggested that the French driver could be suffering from the opposite of a condition that once afflicted Lewis Hamilton in which his head got so big he had to leave McLaren.