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D.I. Blundell done report from Hungary 2014


DIBlundellnewOn Sunday 28th July I done proceed in an easterly direction to the Hungarian Grand Prix, what done be in Hungary. Here I done observe that driving conditions done be, in fairness, moist. This done pose a challenge to motorists what done have to be careful to done choose the right tyres.

This done be brought home to me when I done observe a green Caterham vehicle driven by a Mr M. Ericsson of Sweden, near Sweden, what done lose control and done collide with what done be, to be honest, a wall. This incident done quickly be followed by what be, in fairness, a very similar incident in which a black Lotus vehicle driven by a Mr R. Grosjean of France, near France, done also lose control and done also done hit what was, to be fair, another wall. I done conclude that the only difference between these incidents done be that the second one done occur at lower speed and done also be because the driver was, in fairness, a muppet.

Later the same afternoon I done observe a Mr S. Perez of Mexico, in Mexico, who done collide with a Mr N. Hulkenberg of the Germany area of Germany. This done be an unfortunate situation since both persons done be driving Force India vehicles and that done make this incident bad, in fairness, form. Mr Perez done later collide with what done done be, to be honest, the pit wall and this done write off his company car which done displease his boss, a Mr V.J. Mallya of the India region of India who done have, in fairness, shit hair.

I later done observe a purple Red Bull vehicle driven by a Mr S. Vettel of disappointing form who done lose control at what done be, to be honest, the same place as Mr Perez but he done be able to done regain control of the vehicle what done be, in fairness, skill.

There done be so many incidents that I done run out of space in my notebook when a black Lotus driven by a Mr P. Maldonado done collide with a red and white Marussia vehicle driven by a Mr J. Bianchi but this done be okay because I done keep a page free for Mr Maldonado’s incident since it done be, to be honest, inevitable since he done be, in fairness, useless.
Over and out.