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Rosberg embraces bucket challenge

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An bucket, yesterday
An bucket, yesterday

This weekend Nico Rosberg became the first Formula 1 driver to embrace a new viral trend in which the participant dumps a bucket of shit onto another driver’s race.

Under the terms of the Shitbucket Challenge, Rosberg had just 44 laps to pour a massive container of turds onto Lewis Hamilton’s hopes of being 2014 world champion. In fact, the GermoMonaScandi driver managed to complete the task in just two laps.

‘Nico really went for it and by putting himself 29 points ahead in the championship, he’s really raised a lot of cash for himself,’ said one F1 insider. ‘Of course, Lewis was a great sport in having a lot of crap dumped onto him and then doing post-race interviews where he only sounded a little bit like a grumpy teenager moaning about being told to clean his room.’

In order to take part in the challenge, sources say the drivers’ championship leader bought an allegorical bucket and then filled it with all the shit he talks about him and Hamilton being fine with each other.

Rosberg wasn’t the only driver in Belgium looking to totally crap on someone else’s race. ‘It’s true,’ said a Lotus insider. ‘So to be on the safe side, we switched off Pastor’s engine on lap three.’