Crazy Dave

Crazy D on the 2014 Belgian GP

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafuckas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha on the Bi-Biddle Cizzle. So las’ weekend we slide on over Spa side fo’ tha Belgizzle Gee Pee an’ there be some mad shizzle goin’ down after tha summer chill out. Ma brother K-Bash be left standin’ when tha music stop cuz who this be takin’ he’s seat but ma endurohomie Dre Lott. An’ that ain’t nuthin’ to what be goin’ down wit’ ma bredren at tha M-roosh cuz Maxy Chil be out and Al Rossizle be in then they flip tha sitch and Tha Chilmeister be back in tha game and so be his chequebook. Contractualizzle disputizzle bullshizzle.

So come tha 22-16-10 it be wetter than a lady when she see Crazy D in tha tighty whitey jeans. Course, this ain’t no thang fo’ tha always-fightin’ muthafunkers from MC Des cuz them cats be drivin’ like it dry. There be some good shizzle for ma ReBu homie Sebby V on tha threes and nuff respec’ to Tha Lottmonster cuz that cat be out qualificizzling his team homie on he’s first go but ain’t no one touchin’ NiRo and Da Ham on tha ones and twos cuz they be faster than any other brother by two sezzicondizzles. Decisivizzle demonstrizzle of superiorizzlety.

Come tha red five an’ goodbye, Da Ham be away like a scaldizzle catizzle and takin’ tha one slot from NiRo. But then tha shizzle hit the fanizzle on tha two lap cuz NiRo be gettin’ a smackdown on Da Ham and rubbin’ he’s rubber till it pops. Hot damn. That be some stupidizzley ruthlessizzle lack of teamizzle spiritizzle.

Meanwhizzle, ma twennyfo hour homie Dre Lott be out and so be ma always-crashing brother P Maldiddy. All tha other cats be breathin’ a sighizzle of reliefizzle and get on wit’ they shizzle. This ‘specially true fo’ ma perma-smiling homie D Riccy cuz that cat be keeping it smooth an’ low while all tha other brothers be fightin’ behind he. Come tha black an’ white blanket, the Riccman be on tha ones wit’ ma Finland muthaflucker Valty B on tha threes and ma basically behaved like a bit of a cuntizzle muthaflumper NiRo on tha twos fo’ tha boos.

And that be tha Belgiddy Giddy Pizzle. Peace out.