SEAT announces tapas trim plan

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Some tapas, yesterday

SEAT has announced plans to play up its Spanish heritage by ditching a normal range of trim levels and allowing customers to spec their cars as if ordering tapas.

‘The customer is presented with the basic Ibiza or Leon and can then decide exactly how much equipment they want,’ explained a spokesspeaker. ‘So, for example, our salesman might recommend they start with lockos centrale, sunrufo tiltos e slidos and between one and four windos electricalos.’

‘If they’re still feeling unsatisfied, they can then move on to more substantial items like navigatos satellition, controllos del cruz or teléfono con dientes azules.’ the SEAT speakerspoke continued. ‘They may also like headlampos bi-xenonos or maybe prefer headlampos bravas which are basically the same but covered in tomato sauce.’

However, the company urged customers to be careful when ordering after a few glasses of wine. ‘Do think carefully before demanding more items,’ urged their spokerspeak. ‘Otherwise you may end up buying a Mii with nine extra wheels, seven electric mirrors and an unmanageable quantity of sausage in it.’

SEAT’s tapas ordering system may seem radical but isn’t a new idea in the car industry. Over 40 years ago British Leyland was regularly building cars with an uneven number of windows and sardines in the doors.