Lotus announces new competition

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The Evora, yesterday
The Evora, yesterday

Lotus has announced details of an exciting new competition called Spot The Evora which invites people to get in touch if they see The Evora out on the streets of Britain.

‘The Evora left the factory about five years ago,’ said a Lotus spokerman. ‘And we sometimes see excited reports on the internet when someone has spotted it out and about. So we thought, why not turn this into a competition? If by some million-to-one chance you see The Evora, send us a photo and you could win a prize.’

However, Lotus has warned that this is not as easy as it sounds. ‘The Evora is something of a moving target,’ the speaksman noted. ‘Not just because it literally moves, assuming it’s still working, but also because whoever’s got The Evora sometimes brings it in for a respray and maybe changes the plates so previous intel may be redundant. But don’t worry, it’s always the same car. God, you don’t think we sold two of them do you?’

Spot The Evora will run for the next month, after which someone will be awarded first prize which is to become boss of Lotus. ‘Terms and conditions apply,’ the company spokerspeaks warned. ‘Most importantly, you can’t be a bullshitting megalomaniac who blows all the budget on his own expenses.’

Second prize is The Evora.