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Lotterer still going in Belgium

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Andre Lotterer, yesterday
Andre Lotterer, yesterday

There was surprise in Belgium today following news that Andre Lotterer has finally got his Caterham going again and is now furiously lapping the Spa track, ignoring pleas from his team to stop.

‘We’ve radioed to tell him the race finished ages ago but he just keeps shouting “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”,’ revealed a Caterham insider. ‘Also, he keeps asking where the switch for the headlights is.’

‘He does come into the pit every so often,’ our source continued. ‘But he doesn’t hear us telling him the race is over because he’s too busy demanding that someone cleans the windscreen. In the end we got someone to mime rubbing a manky-looking cloth over a vast, highly curved screen just to shut him up.’

‘A few minutes ago he radioed in and said he was doing a double stint,’ our mole added. ‘Then he asked us to apologise to Marcel and Benoit. No one knows who he’s talking about. We think he might have gone a bit mad.’

UPDATE: Reports from Belgium say Lotterer’s car has now ground to a halt after the driver insisted on brimming the tank with diesel.