New MX-5 promises more pleasure

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The new MX-5, yesterday
The new MX-5, yesterday

Mazda has taken the cover off a brand new MX-5 which it says is lighter, faster and will bring increased pleasure.

As before, the new model has six speeds but, in a surprise move, switches to electric power. Another unexpected change is the shell which is now plastic, available in a range of five colours. Mazda says using this material saves weight and makes the new MX-5 ‘easy to rinse’.

Compared to the outgoing model, the new MX-5 is longer and has a little more girth. It also has a slightly rear-biased weight distribution thank to its two batteries in the rear section while the electric motor is in the newly designed front end which Mazda says is ‘smoother, sleeker and more realistic than ever’.

‘We listened to what our customers wanted,’ said Mazda spokesman Ann Summers. ‘Which was greater size, more vibration and more enjoyment, embracing the Japanese philosophy of “kanjiro-gan” or “rubbing one out”.’

The new MX-5 goes on sale in early 2015 and, with few rivals at this level, Mazda says it expected ‘complete penetration’ of the market.

UPDATE: It seems Sniff Petrol went to the wrong launch event last night.