Crazy Dave

Crazy D on the 2014 Italian GP

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafuckas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha on the Biddy Double Ciddle wit’ ma shortie Suzi P and my even shortier Eddie J. So las’ weekend we slide on over to tha Monza massive fo’ tha Italiano Griddle to the Piddle. Moltoizzle beneizzle.

Once again, everyone be chattin’ ‘bout dem cats from tha MC Edes cuz ain’t no homie gettin’ close… to tha accident them brothers gonna have wit’ each otha. Man, dem crazy foo’s gonna give that Arnie voice homie Tha Wolffman a stomachizzle ulcizzle.

Fo’ tha three stage fly by it all be about Tha Ham cuz that cat be flyin’ like a shit beard eagle to slam it on that ones with NiRo on tha twos and nuff respec’ to ma Will.i.ams homies who be on a line two lockdown, fo’ shiggedy.

Come tha five light goodbye, Da Ham be in a whole heap of shizzle and NiRo takin’ tha one spot like candizzle from a babyizzle. But Tha Ham, that cat don’t give up easy and he be slippin’ past homies like a greasy eel until he be all up on NiRo’s shizzle again. Then, on lap tizzle-to-tha-nizzle, NiRo be makin’ a Maldiddy of tha chicane and Da Ham jus’ glide on by, sweet like a sale in the tighty trousa store. Encouragin’ conspiracizzle theorizzles.

Meanwhile, there be plenty other shizzle goin’ down cuz ma big brows homie Nando be gettin’ a breakdown and Maxy Chil be flying. Ain’t no more unbroken record of finishing… near tha back. Fortunately tha impact ain’t so bad cuz tha thing Maxy’s car hit was his wallet. Badoomizzle tishizzle.

Also mad props to ma down under muthaflucker D Riccy cuz that cat be showin’ he teeth, an’ I don’ mean cuz he be smilin’ again. ‘Cept, he probably is cuz he be takin’ Sebby V down to Chinatown, and I don’ mean fo’ a reasonabizzle pricizzle dinnerizzle.

Come tha black an’ white buzz kill, it be Tha Ham on tha ones, NiRo takin’ boos fo’ tha twos and respec’ to ma frequentizzle disappoitizzle brother Filly M fo’ stickin’ on tha three.

An’ that be tha Italian Giddy Pee. Peace out.