VW in Passat confusion

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An Passat, yesterday
An Passat, yesterday

There was embarrassment in Germany today as Volkswagen admitted it can’t remember if it has announced a new Passat.

‘We’re pretty certain we announced a new Passat a few weeks ago,’ said a VW insider. ‘We think it was probably about the size of a Passat and looked like a bit like a Passat but we can’t really remember anything about it. Perhaps we didn’t announce it after all.’

A source within the Wolfsburg R&D department says engineers are ‘almost certain’ they worked on a new Passat over the past three or four years following a board-level directive to ‘make some Passat please’ but are now having second thoughts and believe they ‘might have imagined it’.

A spokesman for the VW marketing department seemed less confused. ‘We definitely announced a new Passat earlier this year,’ he insisted. ‘Look, I have a picture of it here. Oh wait, this is the old Passat.’

Moments ago a high ranking mole within VW HQ confirmed to Sniff Petrol that the company has decided to assume it didn’t make a brand new Passat after all and is going to start again from scratch. ‘I can’t say too much at the moment,’ our insider confided. ‘But I think the new project can be summed up in one word. Errrrm… Passat.’