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New Formula E ideas

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Some Formula E, yesterday
Some Formula E, yesterday

Days after the inaugural Formula E race in China, organisers have revealed plans to use the enormous amount of time before the second race of the season in November to make the electric race series more interesting.

‘Basically Baz forgot to pack more than one foreign plug adaptor and it’s going to take about two months to charge up all the cars,’ admitted a senior source within the new formula. ‘But the good news is, that’ll give us loads of time to bring in even more fan interactivity.’

‘The whole “fan boost” thing was an idiotic idea but it seemed to pass by unnoticed in the race,’ our mole continued. ‘So what we’re thinking now is, maybe it wasn’t idiotic enough.’

According to our source, concepts so far discussed at Formula E HQ include letting fans vote on which driver has the cockpit of their second car filled with custard or which driver must come in to change their car and also to change into a costume that makes them look like a massive cartoon eagle. Also suggested is a live online participation exercise in which Karun Chandhok is forced to shout the word ‘FLAPJACK’ whenever a certain number of Tweets is reached, even if he’s giving an interview or discussing set-up with his engineer at the time. There will also be a Facebook vote to decide which driver will try to kill Nick Heidfeld.

‘We’ve got loads more ideas,’ claimed our insider. ‘Most of them involving gunge and funny costumes. What we’re aiming for here is basically a motorsport version of It’s A Knockout. Has anyone got a number for Stuart Hall? What? He’s where…?’