Chevy reveals harder Camaro

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The new Camaro, yesterday
The new Camaro, yesterday

Chevrolet is taking the fight to the 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat with a power boost for the Camaro dubbed the High Output Motor Option or HOMO.

‘Listen son, we got a stronger motor, we got bigger brakes, we got new interior parts. This HOMO has a great package,’ said Chevy spokesman Jim Fuddrucker. ‘Trust me boy, this HOMO is going to take the Hellcat’s ass and pound it hard.’

Although GM won’t give an exact power output for the new Camaro’s 7-litre LS7 V8, Fuddrucker did give some insight into its characteristics. ‘This ain’t some racing motor that don’t give you any power until the top end,’ he insisted. ‘Quite the opposite. This HOMO goes hard at the bottom.’

‘This vehicle is set up for the track,’ Fuddrucker continued. ‘I warn you now, this HOMO with give you a hard ride. I mean it’s so stiff. But if you’re on the start line and you nail it, this HOMO is going to pull you off… Hell, why’s you laughing again? Come on now, let’s all just go play beach volleyball in slow motion.’