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2014 Singapore GP preview

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trenthamsleaves1F1 journalist TRENTHAM SLEAVES looks forward to this weekend’s race

There’s a wonderful atmosphere to the F1 paddock here in Singapore and it’s one that you can’t really explain unless you are here, which of course I am. Perhaps it’s the twinkling lights of this majestic city or the cloaking veil of darkness around it, but either way there is a magic that just doesn’t come across unless you are actually standing right behind the pit garages chatting to your old mate Ron Dennis who is once again pretending not to remember who you are! People simply do not realise what a marvellous sense of humour dear old Ron actually has!

Formula 1 is in many ways a sport of habit and the same little groups of the great and good tend to dine at the same places whenever the travelling circus is in town. In Singapore that means Lorenzo’s, a wonderful little Italian place that discretion prevents me from telling you more about. Suffice to say, the food is superb although a certain well-known 1996 world champion and dear friend of mine would probably tell you to avoid the four seasons pizza! In fact, I texted him to remind him of this only yesterday. He didn’t reply of course. He never does!

As I dined alone at Lorenzo’s last night I had time to reflect on what a season it has been so far and how exciting it is to have a close race between my good mate Nico Rosberg and my old chum Lewis Hamilton. I saw Lew only yesterday and asked him how he was feeling about his prospects. ‘No comment!’ he quipped as he kept on walking. Such a character!

As to who will win this nocturnal spectacle on Sunday, I think it would be very foolish to attempt any speculation but I would definitely say a Mercedes is likely to take it unless Red Bull can come up with something special or one of the ever-stronger Williams drivers can deliver, though of course one should never discount Ferrari or even Force India or McLaren. Whatever happens, rest assured I will have a trackside seat for all the action.

Because remember, I’m here and you’re not.