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F1 regulations clarified

Some F1 cars, yesterday
Some F1 cars, yesterday

After banning and then not banning but slightly banning performance related radio messages, F1 rule makers have issued a document clarifying some other aspects of the current regulations.

Amongst other clarifications, the document clearly states that ‘team orders are not permitted unless given to by members of the same team to members of the same team’ and that ‘refueling during a race is not allowed unless it is necessary to put some fuel in the car, in which case this may be done as long as the car not used again in a competitive way, unless required’.

Other clarifications of note include paragraph 16.7 which says ‘active suspension is not banned, but it must not suspend the car in an active way unless it interferes with the ground effect with is also permitted unless it comes into contact with the air, or the ground’.

Technical directors may also want to pay close attention to paragraph 25.2 which states that ‘engines must be no larger than 1.6 litres unless required to be of a greater capacity in order to operate within the prescribed conditions to work with the permitted turbocharger(s) which are banned’.

In a separate issue, all F1 teams are now permitted to use a chocolate fireguard as long as they refer to it by its correct name, ‘The FIA’.