Paris Motor Show cancelled

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Paris, yesterday
Paris, yesterday

In a shock move, organisers of next week’s Paris Motor Show have cancelled the entire event and will simply email journalists some pictures and a lengthy description of it.

‘We got the idea from the car manufacturers that would normally be at the show,’ said motor show spokesman Meuteur Sheuspeuskmeun. ‘They have already released pictures and details of the cars they would normally reveal at the show, so we are simply following suit.’

‘Basically, putting on a show is, as we say in Paris, a teutal pain in the aneus,’ Monsieur Sheuspeuskmeun continued. ‘But now we don’t have to go to the trouble of thinking of anything surprising because we are sending out 2000 words and five pictures over a week in advance. As we say in Paris, preublem seulved!’

Show sources say the press release will include useful detail on every aspect of the show including a lengthy section about having achey feet and getting stuck in exceptionally bad traffic. It will come with a series of glossy pictures including one of a person saying, ‘Why have I come all the way to Paris to look at some cars that were in Autocar three weeks ago?’