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Merc F1 announces new greeting card range

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One of the new Mercedes F1 cards, yesterday
One of the new Mercedes F1 cards, yesterday

Mercedes F1 today announced a range of branded greeting cards, all themed around the team and its drivers.

The new cards shun normal greeting card slogans such as ‘Happy birthday’, ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Sorry about what happened to your carpets’ in favour of messages inspired by the championship-leading team. These include ‘Sorry for not getting out of your way’, ‘Oops! You had another mechanical problem!’ and ‘Sorry for driving into you’, the latter containing an unusual tick box layout inside giving the sender the option to say ‘it was / wasn’t deliberate’.

Other cards in the extensive new range include the jaunty ‘My dad is more world champion than your dad!’, the humourous ‘It’s your turn to have the shit car this weekend!’ and, bringing things right up to date, a card that bears the slogan ‘Sorry to hear about your faulty steering wheel’ which opens to reveal the words, ‘Not really! Suck on my points, loser’.

Finally, the Mercedes F1 Premium card range features built-in audio devices that trigger when the card is opened, serenading the recipient with a variety of slogans including Niki Lauda swearing, Niki Lauda apologising for swearing, Toto Wolff saying ‘Reliability issues must be addressed’ and a five minute recording of Lewis Hamilton making a bit of a drama out of the state of his tyres.