The spider inside your passenger door mirror writes…

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SpiderindoormirrorHi there!

As you might have noticed, over the weekend someone – mentioning no names! – managed to knock down the web I’d built between the passenger door and the passenger-side door mirror of your car. Again!

Well, just to let you know I’ve been working flat out and the good news is, the web is rebuilt! It was a rush job and it’s not quite as big as before but don’t worry, it’s a work in progress and I’m confident I can make it just as large and just as covered in tiny bits of leaf!

I’m sure you’re probably concerned about some other aspects of the web such as whether it will blow away if you drive at high speed on the motorway. Well, I have marvellous news! It won’t! In fact, I’m pretty confident that no matter how fast you drive, the web will still be there! You’ll forget about it when you get out of your car but rest assured, you’ll notice it when you’re driving along!

You may also have some worries about what do when washing your car. Well, I’m afraid in such circumstances the web will be damaged but don’t worry about me. No matter how much water you spray into the passenger-side door mirror the great news is, I’ll be okay! You see, I received water survival training from my cousin. I think you might know him actually. He’s in your bath as we speak!

By the way, if this new web does not meet with your satisfaction, please do let me know. I can always build another one! And another one! And another one! In fact, I’m more than happy to keep building them for the rest of the time you own the car! And I will!

All the best!

The spider inside your passenger door mirror