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GP2 celebrates record levels of apathy

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Some GP2, yesterday
Some GP2, yesterday

GP2 today celebrated a record level of listless excuses for why motorsport fans can’t be bothered to watch it.

‘We’ve worked really hard on GP2 over the last 10 seasons, ‘ said a spokesman. ‘On the sound, on the driver line-ups, on the action, on everything that should make race fans want to watch, and that’s really paid dividends in quality and quantity of excuses we’re attracting as the public struggles to explain why it really doesn’t give a shit.’

According to GP2, the high calibre of shrugging, mumbled excuses includes ‘I can never remember what channel it’s on’, ‘All the good drivers end up in F1 anyway’, ‘I don’t like rallying’ and of course ‘Wait, is that the one with the Renault engines? God, is it shown on telly?’

‘It’s such a joy to know that motorsport fans are working so hard to think of the apologetic reasons why they couldn’t give a toss about GP2,’ the spokesman said. ‘But we must never be complacent and assume that we are the number one race series that people feel they probably ought to be interested in but in truth just can’t be arsed. Especially now there’s Formula E.’