‘One life. Live it’ sticker defines Land Rover owner

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A sticker on a Land Rover, yesterday
A sticker on a Land Rover, yesterday

The owner of a Land Rover bearing the slogan ‘One life. Live it’ is unquestionably following the maxim of his rear-window mounted sticker, according to reports from Hertfordshire today.

Friends and neighbours say since installing the fake stencilled mission statement on the back of his modified Defender, Jed Krettle really has taken his existence to the max.

‘Jed’s sticker makes you think,’ said neighbour Daphne Preest. ‘I mean, it’s true, we all have only one life to live and perhaps we should all follow Jed’s example by working as a casual, cash-in-hand assistant for a local builder and every year helping out at a real ale festival in Hemel Hempstead.’

‘We’re just so proud of Jed for taking the one life we gave him and living it to the full,’ said Krettle’s mother, Sieve. ‘Too many people just pass through the world, working, going on holiday, accepting their lot. But that’s not Jed. He’s embraced life, whether it’s spending the weekend fixing the gearbox on his Land Rover, driving up and down the road to St Albans with his Rottweiler in the back, drinking alone in a local pub wearing a camouflage jacket that makes people feel uneasy, or simply relaxing in his rented bedsit on the outskirts of Harpenden watching a Discovery Wings about Concorde, he’s following the words on that sticker at all costs.’

‘Oh dude, I’m just in awe of what Jed’s achieved,’ admitted fellow Land Rover owner Mirk Stabes. ‘You hear the expression ‘One life. Live it’ but you never expect to meet someone who actually does. I mean, the guy briefly worked as security at live events in Watford for God’s sake. And now he owns over 120 DVDs. He’s just off the hook, man. Literally. I think his pay-as-you-go is out of credit.’