SAAB spotted hanging around outside Paris show

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The SAAB 'stand', yesterday
The SAAB ‘stand’, yesterday

There was sad news from France today with reports that SAAB has been seen hanging around outside the Paris motor show looking confused and disheveled.

‘We saw SAAB sitting outside the main gate as we arrived,’ said a senior figure from a German car company. ‘As soon as it saw us, it leapt up and asked if we could spare 100 million dollars. It promised it was for a place to sleep for the night and it wouldn’t blow it all on a new large saloon car.’

Another well-known car company says it later spotted SAAB slumped outside the Metro station with a hand written sign that read, ‘Will platform share for money’.

Other sources say they spotted SAAB putting on a crude show of ‘aircraft inspired magic’ for passing industry people and attempting to organise its own ‘motor show stand’ using things it had found in a bin.

‘The “star attraction” was a mouldy, rat-chewed baguette with little wheels stuck to it,’ said one witness. ‘Although ironically, it was still fresher than the old 9-3.’