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Disruption threatens Japanese GP

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How the attack might look in the future, yesterday
How the attack might look in the future, yesterday

This weekend’s Grand Prix risks serious disruption as Japan is once more under threat from an enormous dinosaur.

The dinosaur, which is said to be hundreds of feet tall, rose from the Pacific several days ago and has already wreaked havoc on several small islands as it heads towards the Japanese mainland.

Japan is well used to attack from dinosaurs of this scale, having suffered at their hands many times in the past, but there is little race organisers can do to act against a dinosaur of this size and officials say there could be ‘chaos’ if the dinosaur arrives during Sunday’s race.

‘We just don’t know what to expect from this dinosaur,’ said an FIA spokesman. ‘Especially if it arrives at the same time as a giant moth.’

‘No, sorry, not ‘dinosaur’. I meant ‘typhoon’,’ he added. ‘Which I believe is the Japanese word for ‘radioactive lizard’.’