Autocar to close down

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Autocar, yesterday
Autocar, yesterday

Autocar magazine is to be closed down at the end of this year following the launch of the Jaguar XE.

‘The main reason for Autocar has always been to run stories about the forthcoming baby Jag,’ revealed an insider. ‘Now that Jaguar has actually launched a baby Jag the magazine has nothing left to write about.’

Sources say Autocar will continue to be published until the end of 2014, drip feeding further XE details before ending with a triumphant first test of the baby Jag in its final issue.

In the run up to this landmark moment, the magazine will run an ingenious ‘spot the XE’ competition in which readers will be invited to find the reference to the new Jag within that week’s magazine. ‘Here’s a clue,’ said our source. ‘Start by looking on the cover.’

UPDATE: Rumours suggest Autocar has been given a stay of execution and will continue to be published beyond the end of the year. ‘I can’t say too much about what saved it,’ admitted an insider. ‘But suffice to say, ‘new Jag crossover’.’