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Button looking for other work

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Jenson Button, yesterday
Jenson Button, yesterday

Hopes that Jenson Button would remain in F1 next year are fading fast after the British driver was spotted coming out of a recruitment agency in Frome wearing a borrowed suit.

‘Obviously we can’t discuss specific clients in detail,’ said agency owner Peter Scumm afterwards. ‘However, companies in this area should know we have just signed up a very employable local man who would be ideal for a firm needing a proven finisher. Often in eighth place, but a finisher nonetheless.’

‘This young man was just a shave away from looking very presentable and he had an excellent CV,’ Mr Scumm continued. ‘It clearly presented his achievements such as ‘completed ironman contest’, ‘attractive girlfriend’ and ‘2009 Formula 1 World Champion’, and it concisely listed his personal attributes such as ‘smoothness’, ‘pace’, ‘slightly phlegmy voice’ and ‘gets a bit panicky when things don’t go right’. We should have no trouble at all finding him casual admin work at a shipping company or charterer surveyor’s office.’

Mr Scumm admitted that this is not the first time someone with a motorsport background had signed up with his agency. ‘There’s a chap who comes in here at the end of every F1 season and says he’ll probably need work soon,’ Scumm confided. ‘Then to everyone’s amazement he rings back and says actually he’s managed to stick with his current job even though he’s pretty hopeless at it. I forget his name. Felipe something or other…’