GT-R cheat codes revealed

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An GT-R, yesterday
An GT-R, yesterday

A group of hackers in the United States has finally released the cheat codes for the 2014 Nissan GT-R.

The list contains items previously thought to be no more than rumours such as the cheats for ‘extra turbos’, ‘more gears’ and ‘four doors’.

Other codes revealed for the first time include bizarre cheats for needless things such as ‘harder ride’, ‘camo wrap’ and ‘even more shaven headed oaf in driving seat’.

Also on the list is the complex series of button presses, engine starts and facial expressions required to achieve the mythical ‘similar but shit’ cheat in which the entire car is transformed into a Mitsubishi 3000GT.

The cheat codes have already generated controversy amongst GT-R fans with some purists insisting that a GT-R’s potential should be unlocked only in the proper and traditional way; by taking it to one track day and then droning on and on about it on the internet.