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Crazy D on the 2014 Russian GP

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CrazyDave2014Och aye tha noo muthafuckas! Crazy Dave comin’ atcha on the Beeble to tha Ceeble with ma blabbering buddy Eddie J and ma so fly shorty Suzi P. Hey girl, wheredjoo get dem tighty whitey jeans? Someone been rummagizzle through Tha D’s carry-onizzle luggazizzle.

So las’ weekend we slide on over former Commie side fo’ tha Russian Giddy Pizzle at tha brand new track in Sochizzle. Man, it look like all dem brothers is drivin’ around a light-to-medium industrializzle estatizzle.

So come tha three part flyby, ain’t no homie touchin’ dem fast cats from tha MC Edes, only question is whether it be NiRo or Da Ham who be on tha ones. And in this case, it be ma increasingly hairy homie Da Ham who take tha premo positione with NiRo on tha twos and that Finland muddyfunster Val B on tha three. An’ who this be on tha four hole but ma underperforming homie Jenny B. Welcome back to big school ma brother. Ting is, even though tha MC Laren be findin’ pace all of a sudden, Jenny don’t find it so gravy. Too littizzle, too lateizzle.

Come tha five light goodbye, Da Ham and NiRo be drivin’ away like it they birthdays but NiRo want that one slot real bad and that brother, he be over cookin’ that shit. Tha homie come in too quick and he jus’ lock it like it’s hot, lock it like it’s hot. That be some bad shizzle cuz next ting he be rockin’ a box fo’ tha new rubbas. Schoolizzle boyizzle error. Izzle.

Meanwhizzle, Da Ham jus’ out fo’ a Sunday drive, sweet as a sale at a tighty whitey jeans store before Suzi P get there. Ain’t no shizzle going down on tha industrial estate. This be one dull-ass race and Crazy D almost fall asleep. Zzzzzzzzzizzle.

Come tha check please, it be Da Ham on tha ones, NiRo makin’ a smooth move up to tha twos and tha Will.i.ams of Val B in tha hizzy on tha threes. An’ who this pinchy faced nutcase be in tha room of whispas but tha I-didn’t-shoot-down-no-airliner Rusky bossman Vlady Pu cuz he be hangin’ wit’ tha boss man B Eccdiddy. As a result, there be no evil left in tha rest of tha world.

And dat be tha Russian Giddy Pee. Peace out.