New car-based show starts this week

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A bit of a car, yesterday
A bit of a car, yesterday

A new car-based daytime game show starts this week on BBC1, entitled Dent Or Design Feature.

The show works by showing contestants a close-up of a car exterior panel and asking them to say if the clearly visible creases and folds are the result of a low speed accident or were put there deliberately by the designer.

‘We’re very excited about Dent Or Design Feature,’ said BBC spokesperson Bibi Seespokespurssen. ‘We’re sure it’ll strike a chord with anyone who has ever looked at a modern car and thought, God, is it supposed to look like that or has it been in a small accident?’

The show promises to feature cars from Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, SEAT and a special retro round starring the Triumph TR7. The programme is made by the same team behind Cooking In The Bath, Is That A Lesbian? and Arthritis Olympics.

Dent Or Design Feature starts on BBC1 tomorrow at 11:30am, just after Shit From Your Loft.